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Photo from Stonehenge, Solstice 2009:

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/photos/PICT0010.JPG Stonehenge Gathering 2009 photo by Mike Bouckley


   Stonehenge, near Avebury in Wiltshire.   Ancient Monument.

Enduring, Enigmatic, - an object perfectly in place and time... Stonehenge Theory

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Winter Solstice

At the Mid Winter Solstice, when viewed from the Avenue, North East, beyond the Bowing (heel) Stone, some 140 feet or more from the outer ring, the setting Sun is framed within the outer-ring, and through the central, big Trilithon (half knocked-down), looking along the main axis, to the South West.

The Sun can be observed standing still on the horizon for a few days, at its most Southerly point, which is South Westerly, then returning Northward, indicating renewal, and another solar year.

The Winter Full Moon may also be framed - in the top of the big trilithon archway, above the position of the Mid Winter Sunset. It is likely that eclipses were predicted, and the Moon may have re-appeared there.

This is possibly why this trilithon was later attacked, probably with fire, and pushed over. The remaining standing stone was leaning, and has since been straightened up (not precicely on axis). The fallen stone is broken in two, it, and the lintel, crashing into the unique central "Goddess" stone, of a greenish sandstone with mica, taken from the Pembroke Coast, which is now lying, just protruding above ground.

Stonhenge may also have been able to predict the 4 other main festivals, Imbloc, Beltane, Laamas, Samhain, (and or the Full Moon) at the 8th sections of the year.

I believe that Stonehenge 3 was deliberatly engineered to be enduring, and to embody the knowledge it demonstrates, and perhaps forcasts eclipses, and the future.

Excerpts from the late Prof. Gerald S. Hawkins book, Stonehenge Decoded:
Stonehenge III Alignments
Table 1
Schematic Diagram
Station Stone Directions Table
Trilithon Direction Table
Station Stone Diagram
The above show just how accurate the alignments to all the major maxima and minima Sun and Moon rise and set positions Stonehenge is.

Diagram showning the Bowing or heel Stone

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Plan of Stonehenge (240k)

Photo 2 (49k)

Photo 3 (8k)

Surreal Image of the Stones!

Detailed O.S. Map of the Stonehenge area.
Published by Ordnance Survey, Southampton. Crown Copyright. UK. All Rights Reserved.


The Summer Solstice is always on 21st. June.

2009Summer Solstice, cloudy at 4:58 Sunrise time, sunny later. Estimated 47,000 people

Photo showing the mis-named Slaughter Stone, not taken exactly on the monument axis.
/photos/PICT0008.JPG Slaughter Stone

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Video  - Papua New Guinea Dancers at Stonehenge

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2007 Summer Solstice, cloudy.

2007 Nice time at Spring Equinox. Access from 5:30am to 7:15am. Happy celebration, and sending peace to the world.   Photos:
Spring Equinox Sunrise 2007   Equninox 2007

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