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Planet Positions, Rise, Transit, and Set times in GMT as viewed from Stonehenge:
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Noon Ephemeris showing the Astrological Zodiac Moon Sign for March 2018, at Stonehenge:
Mo/Dy/Yr  Sun    Moon   Merc   Venu   Mars   Jupi   Satu   Uran   Nept   Plut   Chir   Cere   Pall   Juno   Vest   Node   S.No 
 3/ 1/18 10Pi50  3Vi40 21Pi11 23Pi09 20Sg32 23Sc13  7Cp18 25Ar58 13Pi48 20Cp34 27Pi57  7Le02.17Ta33  4Pi52 24Sg57 13Le44.13Aq44.
 3/ 2/18 11Pi51 18Vi03 23Pi04 24Pi24 21Sg08 23Sc14  7Cp22 26Ar00 13Pi50 20Cp36 28Pi00  6Le54.18Ta01  5Pi21 25Sg21 13Le41.13Aq41.
 3/ 3/18 12Pi51  2Li09 24Pi55 25Pi39 21Sg43 23Sc15  7Cp26 26Ar03 13Pi52 20Cp37 28Pi04  6Le47.18Ta30  5Pi49 25Sg45 13Le38.13Aq38.
 3/ 4/18 13Pi51 15Li53 26Pi45 26Pi54 22Sg19 23Sc16  7Cp30 26Ar06 13Pi55 20Cp39 28Pi07  6Le40.18Ta58  6Pi18 26Sg10 13Le35.13Aq35.
 3/ 5/18 14Pi51 29Li15 28Pi33 28Pi09 22Sg54 23Sc17  7Cp34 26Ar08 13Pi57 20Cp40 28Pi11  6Le33.19Ta27  6Pi46 26Sg34 13Le32.13Aq32.
 3/ 6/18 15Pi51 12Sc12  0Ar19 29Pi23 23Sg29 23Sc18  7Cp38 26Ar11 13Pi59 20Cp41 28Pi15  6Le27.19Ta56  7Pi15 26Sg57 13Le28.13Aq28.
 3/ 7/18 16Pi51 24Sc48  2Ar02  0Ar38 24Sg05 23Sc18  7Cp42 26Ar14 14Pi02 20Cp43 28Pi18  6Le21.20Ta25  7Pi44 27Sg21 13Le25.13Aq25.
 3/ 8/18 17Pi51  7Sg06  3Ar42  1Ar53 24Sg40 23Sc18  7Cp46 26Ar17 14Pi04 20Cp44 28Pi22  6Le16.20Ta55  8Pi12 27Sg44 13Le22.13Aq22.
 3/ 9/18 18Pi51 19Sg09  5Ar18  3Ar07 25Sg15 23Sc18. 7Cp50 26Ar20 14Pi06 20Cp45 28Pi25  6Le11.21Ta24  8Pi41 28Sg08 13Le19.13Aq19.
 3/10/18 19Pi51  1Cp02  6Ar50  4Ar22 25Sg50 23Sc18. 7Cp54 26Ar23 14Pi08 20Cp46 28Pi29  6Le07.21Ta54  9Pi10 28Sg31 13Le16.13Aq16.
 3/11/18 20Pi51 12Cp52  8Ar17  5Ar36 26Sg25 23Sc18. 7Cp57 26Ar26 14Pi11 20Cp48 28Pi32  6Le03.22Ta24  9Pi38 28Sg54 13Le13.13Aq13.
 3/12/18 21Pi51 24Cp41  9Ar39  6Ar51 27Sg00 23Sc17. 8Cp01 26Ar28 14Pi13 20Cp49 28Pi36  5Le59.22Ta54 10Pi07 29Sg17 13Le09.13Aq09.
 3/13/18 22Pi51  6Aq36 10Ar55  8Ar05 27Sg34 23Sc17. 8Cp04 26Ar31 14Pi15 20Cp50 28Pi39  5Le56.23Ta24 10Pi36 29Sg39 13Le06.13Aq06.
 3/14/18 23Pi51 18Aq39 12Ar05  9Ar20 28Sg09 23Sc16. 8Cp07 26Ar34 14Pi17 20Cp51 28Pi43  5Le54.23Ta55 11Pi05  0Cp01 13Le03.13Aq03.
 3/15/18 24Pi51  0Pi55 13Ar08 10Ar34 28Sg44 23Sc15. 8Cp11 26Ar37 14Pi20 20Cp52 28Pi47  5Le52.24Ta25 11Pi33  0Cp24 13Le00.13Aq00.
 3/16/18 25Pi50 13Pi26 14Ar03 11Ar49 29Sg18 23Sc14. 8Cp14 26Ar41 14Pi22 20Cp53 28Pi50  5Le50.24Ta56 12Pi02  0Cp45 12Le57.12Aq57.
 3/17/18 26Pi50 26Pi13 14Ar52 13Ar03 29Sg53 23Sc12. 8Cp17 26Ar44 14Pi24 20Cp54 28Pi54  5Le49.25Ta27 12Pi31  1Cp07 12Le54.12Aq54.
 3/18/18 27Pi50  9Ar17 15Ar32 14Ar18  0Cp27 23Sc10. 8Cp20 26Ar47 14Pi26 20Cp55 28Pi57  5Le48.25Ta58 13Pi00  1Cp29 12Le50.12Aq50.
 3/19/18 28Pi50 22Ar37 16Ar05 15Ar32  1Cp01 23Sc09. 8Cp23 26Ar50 14Pi29 20Cp56 29Pi01  5Le47.26Ta29 13Pi29  1Cp50 12Le47.12Aq47.
 3/20/18 29Pi49  6Ta10 16Ar29 16Ar46  1Cp36 23Sc07. 8Cp25 26Ar53 14Pi31 20Cp57 29Pi04  5Le47 27Ta00 13Pi58  2Cp11 12Le44.12Aq44.
 3/21/18  0Ar49 19Ta54 16Ar45 18Ar01  2Cp10 23Sc04. 8Cp28 26Ar56 14Pi33 20Cp58 29Pi08  5Le48 27Ta31 14Pi27  2Cp32 12Le41.12Aq41.
 3/22/18  1Ar48  3Ge46 16Ar53 19Ar15  2Cp44 23Sc02. 8Cp31 26Ar59 14Pi35 20Cp59 29Pi12  5Le48 28Ta03 14Pi56  2Cp53 12Le38.12Aq38.
 3/23/18  2Ar48 17Ge45 16Ar53.20Ar29  3Cp18 22Sc59. 8Cp33 27Ar02 14Pi37 21Cp00 29Pi15  5Le50 28Ta35 15Pi25  3Cp13 12Le34.12Aq34.
 3/24/18  3Ar47  1Cn48 16Ar46.21Ar43  3Cp52 22Sc57. 8Cp36 27Ar06 14Pi40 21Cp01 29Pi19  5Le51 29Ta06 15Pi54  3Cp33 12Le31.12Aq31.
 3/25/18  4Ar47 15Cn56 16Ar31.22Ar57  4Cp25 22Sc54. 8Cp38 27Ar09 14Pi42 21Cp02 29Pi22  5Le54 29Ta38 16Pi23  3Cp53 12Le28.12Aq28.
 3/26/18  5Ar46  0Le06 16Ar09.24Ar12  4Cp59 22Sc51. 8Cp40 27Ar12 14Pi44 21Cp03 29Pi26  5Le56  0Ge10 16Pi52  4Cp13 12Le25.12Aq25.
 3/27/18  6Ar46 14Le18 15Ar40.25Ar26  5Cp33 22Sc47. 8Cp42 27Ar15 14Pi46 21Cp04 29Pi30  5Le59  0Ge43 17Pi21  4Cp32 12Le22.12Aq22.
 3/28/18  7Ar45 28Le29 15Ar06.26Ar40  6Cp06 22Sc44. 8Cp45 27Ar19 14Pi48 21Cp04 29Pi33  6Le02  1Ge15 17Pi50  4Cp51 12Le19.12Aq19.
 3/29/18  8Ar44 12Vi36 14Ar27.27Ar54  6Cp39 22Sc40. 8Cp47 27Ar22 14Pi50 21Cp05 29Pi37  6Le06  1Ge47 18Pi19  5Cp10 12Le15.12Aq15.
 3/30/18  9Ar44 26Vi36 13Ar44.29Ar08  7Cp13 22Sc37. 8Cp48 27Ar25 14Pi53 21Cp06 29Pi40  6Le10  2Ge20 18Pi48  5Cp29 12Le12.12Aq12.
 3/31/18 10Ar43 10Li24 12Ar57. 0Ta22  7Cp46 22Sc33. 8Cp50 27Ar29 14Pi55 21Cp06 29Pi44  6Le15  2Ge52 19Pi18  5Cp47 12Le09.12Aq09. : Astrology   Ephemeris   Future   Index   Links   Signs   Last Month   Next Month   Download Moontool 2   [ Back ]

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