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    The Moon Phase, at time & date shown page updated approx weekly
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Planet Positions, Rise and Set Times in GMT as viewed from Stonehenge:
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Ephemeris showing the Astrological Zodiac Moon Sign for June 2015:
Mo/Dy/Yr  Sun    Moon   Merc   Venu   Mars   Jupi   Satu   Uran   Nept   Plut   Chir   Cere   Pall   Juno   Vest   Node   S.No 
 6/ 1/15 11Ge00  0Sg41  7Ge47.26Cn15 14Ge28 16Le39  0Sg50.19Ar21  9Pi46 15Cp01.21Pi54 10Aq07 27Sg26.22Le16  2Ar15  6Li53. 6Ar53.
 6/ 2/15 11Ge58 13Sg48  7Ge15.27Cn14 15Ge10 16Le47  0Sg45.19Ar24  9Pi47 15Cp00.21Pi56 10Aq07 27Sg10.22Le35  2Ar38  6Li50. 6Ar50.
 6/ 3/15 12Ge55 27Sg13  6Ge45.28Cn13 15Ge51 16Le56  0Sg41.19Ar26  9Pi47 14Cp59.21Pi57 10Aq07 26Sg53.22Le54  3Ar00  6Li47. 6Ar47.
 6/ 4/15 13Ge53 10Cp53  6Ge17.29Cn12 16Ge32 17Le05  0Sg37.19Ar28  9Pi47 14Cp57.21Pi58 10Aq07.26Sg37.23Le13  3Ar22  6Li44. 6Ar44.
 6/ 5/15 14Ge50 24Cp44  5Ge51. 0Le10 17Ge14 17Le14  0Sg32.19Ar31  9Pi47 14Cp56.21Pi59 10Aq07.26Sg20.23Le32  3Ar44  6Li41. 6Ar41.
 6/ 6/15 15Ge48  8Aq43  5Ge29. 1Le08 17Ge55 17Le23  0Sg28.19Ar33  9Pi48 14Cp55.22Pi00 10Aq06.26Sg03.23Le52  4Ar06  6Li37. 6Ar37.
 6/ 7/15 16Ge45 22Aq47  5Ge10. 2Le05 18Ge36 17Le32  0Sg24.19Ar35  9Pi48 14Cp54.22Pi01 10Aq05.25Sg45.24Le11  4Ar28  6Li34. 6Ar34.
 6/ 8/15 17Ge42  6Pi52  4Ge55. 3Le02 19Ge17 17Le41  0Sg20.19Ar37  9Pi48 14Cp52.22Pi02 10Aq03.25Sg28.24Le31  4Ar49  6Li31. 6Ar31.
 6/ 9/15 18Ge40 20Pi59  4Ge44. 3Le58 19Ge58 17Le50  0Sg16.19Ar39  9Pi48 14Cp51.22Pi03 10Aq01.25Sg11.24Le50  5Ar11  6Li28. 6Ar28.
 6/10/15 19Ge37  5Ar06  4Ge37. 4Le54 20Ge39 18Le00  0Sg12.19Ar42  9Pi48 14Cp50.22Pi03  9Aq59.24Sg53.25Le10  5Ar32  6Li25. 6Ar25.
 6/11/15 20Ge35 19Ar13  4Ge34. 5Le50 21Ge21 18Le09  0Sg08.19Ar44  9Pi48 14Cp49.22Pi04  9Aq56.24Sg36.25Le30  5Ar53  6Li21. 6Ar21.
 6/12/15 21Ge32  3Ta18  4Ge36  6Le44 22Ge02 18Le19  0Sg04.19Ar46  9Pi48.14Cp47.22Pi05  9Aq53.24Sg18.25Le50  6Ar14  6Li18. 6Ar18.
 6/13/15 22Ge29 17Ta19  4Ge42  7Le39 22Ge42 18Le29  0Sg00.19Ar48  9Pi48.14Cp46.22Pi06  9Aq50.24Sg00.26Le10  6Ar34  6Li15. 6Ar15.
 6/14/15 23Ge27  1Ge13  4Ge53  8Le32 23Ge23 18Le38 29Sc56.19Ar50  9Pi48.14Cp44.22Pi06  9Aq46.23Sg43.26Le30  6Ar55  6Li12. 6Ar12.
 6/15/15 24Ge24 14Ge56  5Ge08  9Le26 24Ge04 18Le48 29Sc52.19Ar51  9Pi48.14Cp43.22Pi07  9Aq42.23Sg25.26Le50  7Ar15  6Li09. 6Ar09.
 6/16/15 25Ge21 28Ge25  5Ge28 10Le18 24Ge45 18Le58 29Sc48.19Ar53  9Pi48.14Cp42.22Pi07  9Aq38.23Sg08.27Le10  7Ar35  6Li06. 6Ar06.
 6/17/15 26Ge18 11Cn37  5Ge52 11Le10 25Ge26 19Le08 29Sc44.19Ar55  9Pi48.14Cp40.22Pi08  9Aq33.22Sg50.27Le30  7Ar55  6Li02. 6Ar02.
 6/18/15 27Ge16 24Cn30  6Ge21 12Le01 26Ge07 19Le19 29Sc40.19Ar57  9Pi47.14Cp39.22Pi08  9Aq28.22Sg33.27Le51  8Ar15  5Li59. 5Ar59.
 6/19/15 28Ge13  7Le05  6Ge54 12Le52 26Ge47 19Le29 29Sc37.19Ar59  9Pi47.14Cp38.22Pi08  9Aq22.22Sg15.28Le11  8Ar34  5Li56. 5Ar56.
 6/20/15 29Ge10 19Le23  7Ge32 13Le42 27Ge28 19Le39 29Sc33.20Ar00  9Pi47.14Cp36.22Pi09  9Aq16.21Sg58.28Le32  8Ar54  5Li53. 5Ar53.
 6/21/15  0Cn08  1Vi28  8Ge14 14Le31 28Ge09 19Le50 29Sc30.20Ar02  9Pi47.14Cp35.22Pi09  9Aq10.21Sg41.28Le52  9Ar13  5Li50. 5Ar50.
 6/22/15  1Cn05 13Vi23  9Ge00 15Le20 28Ge49 20Le00 29Sc26.20Ar04  9Pi46.14Cp33.22Pi09  9Aq04.21Sg24.29Le13  9Ar32  5Li47. 5Ar47.
 6/23/15  2Cn02 25Vi13  9Ge51 16Le07 29Ge30 20Le11 29Sc23.20Ar05  9Pi46.14Cp32.22Pi09  8Aq57.21Sg07.29Le34  9Ar50  5Li43. 5Ar43.
 6/24/15  2Cn59  7Li03 10Ge45 16Le54  0Cn10 20Le21 29Sc19.20Ar07  9Pi46.14Cp30.22Pi09  8Aq50.20Sg51.29Le55 10Ar09  5Li40. 5Ar40.
 6/25/15  3Cn57 18Li58 11Ge43 17Le40  0Cn51 20Le32 29Sc16.20Ar08  9Pi45.14Cp29.22Pi09. 8Aq42.20Sg35. 0Vi16 10Ar27  5Li37. 5Ar37.
 6/26/15  4Cn54  1Sc03 12Ge46 18Le25  1Cn31 20Le43 29Sc13.20Ar10  9Pi45.14Cp27.22Pi09. 8Aq34.20Sg18. 0Vi36 10Ar45  5Li34. 5Ar34.
 6/27/15  5Cn51 13Sc23 13Ge52 19Le10  2Cn11 20Le54 29Sc10.20Ar11  9Pi44.14Cp26.22Pi09. 8Aq26.20Sg03. 0Vi57 11Ar03  5Li31. 5Ar31.
 6/28/15  6Cn48 26Sc02 15Ge02 19Le53  2Cn52 21Le05 29Sc07.20Ar12  9Pi44.14Cp24.22Pi09. 8Aq18.19Sg47. 1Vi19 11Ar20  5Li27. 5Ar27.
 6/29/15  7Cn45  9Sg02 16Ge16 20Le35  3Cn32 21Le16 29Sc04.20Ar14  9Pi43.14Cp23.22Pi09. 8Aq09.19Sg32. 1Vi40 11Ar38  5Li24. 5Ar24.
 6/30/15  8Cn43 22Sg26 17Ge34 21Le17  4Cn12 21Le27 29Sc01.20Ar15  9Pi43.14Cp21.22Pi08. 8Aq00.19Sg16. 2Vi01 11Ar55  5Li21. 5Ar21. : Astrology   Ephemeris   Future   Index   Links   Signs   Last Month   Next Month   Download Moontool 2   [ Back ]