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Chang Ming. A Taoist diet.

Ought to eat:

non-processed (eg. wholewheat) flours, including Maize, Millet, Oats, Soya bean flour, Rye.

Biscuits and cakes made from the above.

Meusli, Shredded Wheat, creamed oats or rice.

Brown Rice with main meals.

Grain Milk, rice or skimmed milk, or powdered skimmed milk.

Local vegetables: stir fry/saute. Especially Carrots & greens.

Roasted Nuts, Not Salted.

Non-fat -(but oily) white fish, eg,herring; Chicken, turkey, shrimps & prawns.

A little honey, or malt extract, or maple syrup.

Herb teas and coffees, China teas, Earl grey tea.

Sesame, safflower and sunflower veg oils. Recommend 5ml. Daily.

Sun dried fruit.

Moderate sea salt, eg.sesame seed & sea salt.

Seaweed. sea veg. eg. Nori


Wholegrain flour noodles, and wholewheat spaghetti.

Herbs of all kinds.

Scramble or omelette eggs, in preference to fried, poached or boiled.


Ought Not eat:

white flour.

No refined, processed foods, esp. if artificial additives E No.'s Etc.

no Deep Fried.

no alcohol, coffee, tobacco, chocolate or sweets.

no rock salt, spices, mustard, pepper, or curry, vinegar, or pickles.

no red meats.

no sugar.

no fresh citrus fruits, or citrus fruit drinks.

no ice cold food or drink.

no potatoes, tomatoes, aubergines, spinach, rhubarb.

no concentrated meat extracts.

no cheese, milk, butter, lard, dripping, or animal fat products.

no fatty birds or fish eg, duck, geese, haddock.

Reduce soya protein as main protein ingredient to 1 day a week.

Drink after eating, not with.

Reduce fluid intake. Drink when thirsty.   - this is questionable, so drink plenty of clean water

No cold food, drinks, or bath/showers. or just finish with quick cold shower.



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