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The Philippines were originally part of Malaysia. Colonised by Spain for 300 Years, Christianised, then subsequently ruled by the USA, until becoming a Republic. - although glad they got their independence, the Philippine Government are now grateful because most of the people are active Christians, with many Churches.
Filipinos are naturally warm, friendly, and hospitable. The Philippines is the unique, majority-Christian country in Asia.

In the Visayan Islands, I have visited Cebu City, and Mactan Island resorts, near the airport. And Manilla on Luzon.

Famous, for its White Beach, the small island of Boracay offers fantastic sea and beach activities. Small environment taxes are now raised on local transport from the airport at Caticlan, on Pannay Island, to Boracay.

On Mindanao Island, Basilan and the Sulu Archipelago, there are some radical and Islamic groups, like the ABUSAAF. Some Western-Governments, like Australia, and the UK advise not to visit Mindanao.

The Philippine Islands have more coastline than the USA. Many beautiful beaches. Investment opportunities in property, homes for retirement and for holiday.

Tourism Pilipinas

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