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date - December 9th. 2006 - Updated 16:52 GMT
Updated some links.
This is a partial mirror site of the former
Dedicated to IBM's now obsolete Mwave Digital Signal Processing Chips.
Other Mirror Site

date - November 3rd. 2004 - 17:03 GMT

The miro mwave driver site was terminated by the ISP for exceeding bandwith limits.

IBM now have a windows 2000 compatible driver for mwave.

date - 2002. Linux Driver News:
Mwave Modem Driver & Linux
For IBM's Digital Signal Processing chip. Combined with Audio.
Onboard in Thinkpads, as an ISA Card in Aptivas. Or as OEM ISA cards.
ACP Mwave Modem support is now available as a module when compiling the linux kernel.

date - March 31st. 2001 - 20:47 GMT - Contact

site updated: many links to old mwave sites removed or noted. Most external links are stale.

date - March 6th. 2001 - 18:11 GMT - Contact
Partial Mirror Site
The original Mwave Haven Site(s) are now gone.

begining to re-edit some of the pages here to remove some of the stale links, many remain.

date - February 16th. 2001 - 19:24 GMT - Contact
Linux Mwave Modem Driver.
IBM have released Open Source GPL Thinkpad modem driver for Linux. Works with MDSP3780 chip. Thinkpad 600 & 770 Series. Get it from here (1.3Mb) or   IBM

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