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It is the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius, from 1968 to 2100.

The obvious and self-evident Environmental Crisis is about to crunch, after years of protest and awareness, and human hardship, in many parts of the world. The Post Glacial Rebound Effect means that the recent ice-melt is shifting the heaver weight of water (than ice) around the planets oceans, causing more big earthquakes like the Sendai in Japan.

It may not be until around 2300 or 2900, that the predicted planet, Nibiru is re-discovered, as an approaching red crescent. Re-entering the solar system on its 3450 year orbit, passing through the Asteroid Belt, between Mars and Jupiter.

Reference the Anunnaki.

We have reached the turning point in our history, an awareness that our unsustainable activities can no longer continue. The destruction of the Environment, and the impending Global Warming, Climate Change Crisis which is now accelerating out of control. Because of all the Pollution, Emissions, Jet Planes, and CO2 etc we are now stuck, as it were, between a rock and a hard place, as the planet of Heaven re-approaches...

What happens 229 years from now, when the Nippur/Hebrew Calendar gets to 6000?

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